If You Can Dream It – You Can Achieve It.

As a young woman- Mays Habeeb dreamed about creating the best quality lashes business with her own brand “Hilimaz” and she got inspired by powerful women across the history whom were beauty icon in their culture and from that she came up with the brand name Hilimaz which means Beauty in Sumerian language. Mays Not only has her dream come true; now she is far exceeding it by creating the best solution for wearing lashes. Mays Habeeb was clever enough to create natural to medium look- high quality lashes made of natural mink with a band of cotton 100%. Added to them a new lash- to- apply solution that any woman can easily use it as an eye-liner as she needs nothing more but to place her lashes on.

Hilimaz puts the power in your hands with its easy to use products to create and customize infinite lash looks in record time, without ever stepping foot in any beauty center. Beauty should be effortless–but reality is our everyday makeup routine takes far too long. At Hilimaz, we value efficiency and finding ways to make women’s lives easier. We believe in inventing short-cuts and finding easier ways for our customers to look beautiful.

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